The “Don’t Weight!” Program is a mind/body approach
to weight management that will help you get
off the diet merry-go-round.


Why starve yourself on diets that don’t add up to permanent weight loss but provoke cravings and binges instead? Every time you diet, you have less potential for burning body fat and rebuilding muscle, and more potential for storing body fat.


The Don’t Weight! Program takes you on a journey to a happier, healthier lifestyle. It will help you choose and prepare foods that work for you, without a cookie-cutter meal plan. Don’t Weight! will help you kick your old habits and learn new ways of shopping, cooking and eating. Millions of people around the world stay slim and healthy without dieting and you can too!

“I was inspired to develop the Don’t Weight! Program in the spring of 2004, when on a trip to Italy,” says Lynn Klein, a certified holistic health counselor. “I couldn’t help but notice that there were no fat people in evidence. Something was obviously going on there that was not happening in the U.S. and I was determined to get to the bottom of it.”

Learn how to achieve your natural weight without giving up entire food groups or living in deprivation. End the battle of the bulge and start enjoying food, while looking and feeling your best. If you’ve tried it all and failed, then it’s time for a new idea. Our goal is to empower you to get out of diet mentality by teaching you healthy ways to change your relationship with food. Eating should be a life-affirming activity, not life-draining.

In just ten weekly sessions, Lynn will teach you everything you need to know to incorporate new food habits into your life. The Don’t Weight! Program includes food demonstrations and recipes, a writing journal, and handouts to help you stay on track. After the initial program, ongoing support groups will be available to help you continue your progress.

  • Uncover the food habits that can thwart your weight loss
  • Relearn your intuitive ability to eat only the amount of food your body needs to function at optimum levels
  • Consider the lifestyle issues that may be keeping you from making good choices
  • Discover tools that can help you transition into “normal” eating behaviors
  • Find out how to shop for and prepare food without angst
  • Build basic movement into your daily life, adding exercise easily and within your schedule
  • Incorporate this knowledge into helping your entire family attain healthy weights and food habits.

“If losing weight and keeping it off were as simple as restricting food for a period of time,” says Klein, “we would all be slim. The calories-in/calories-out theory doesn’t work in any of its various incarnations. Unless we are willing to look at why we remain overweight despite our heroic efforts at self-control, weight will continue to be our nemesis.”

Don’t Weight! offers a simple resolution to being overweight. Yes, it requires changing old habits but the new behaviors learned are painless, liberating, and downright pleasurable. The idea of dieting is a dinosaur ready for extinction. 

DON’T WEIGHT! – Change Your Life.

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